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electric gate opener actuator image
electric gate opener actuator image
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Located in North Western Georgia serving a 50 mile radias around Ellijay, GA

We install fencing, driveway entry gates, and electric gate openers for farm and residential properties.

Please call and schedule a free onsite estimate.

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Email, call or text at 706-299-1047 with any questions or to make an appointment.

Telemarkerters have become such anannoying nuisance preventing me from getting any work done, that I rarely answer the phone - so text, voicemail, and email are the best ways to reach me. Thank you for your understanding, Sam McCombs / North Georgia Fence and Gate.

Farm or country home driveway gate and electric gate operator with hyperlink to rural gate selection site page
Ornamental steel driveway gate with automatic gate opener image with hyperlink to residential gate selection site page.

Farm and Country Driveway Gates

Ornamental Security Driveway Gates


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Driveway Gates and Automatic Openers