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Chain Link Fencing is the product of choice for security and peace of mind because of its strength and long term durability. It is also corrosion resistant, easy to install, versatile and, perhaps most of all, a great value.

Residential Chain Link Fence, Commercial Chain Link Fence, and Industrial Chain Link Fence are commonly available with a vinyl coated finish in three color choices (black, brown, green),  plus the standard galvanized silver / gray metallic look in height sizes 4ft. 5 ft., 6 ft., 8 ft., and taller for tennis courts, zoos, ball fields, etc.


green vinyl coated chain link yard fence
Commercial  black vinyl coated chain link fence with 3 strands of barb wire and a tension wire along the bottom
black, green, and brown vinyl coated chain link fence fabric
4 ft tall galvanized chain link

Electric Livestock and Deer Fence


Commercial Galvanized Chain Link Fence with  3 strands of Barb Wire
Chain Link Fence Residential galvanized chain link fence 5 ft. black vinyl coated chain link fence around a pool
Black Vinyl chain link fence with Pool Mag Safty Latch on Gate chain link fence backdrop and dugout
Green Vinyl Coated Chain Link Fence with a Tension Wire along the bottom


For large dog owners, the optional tension wire stretched tightly along the bottom and fastened to the chain link fabric prevents the dog from pushing under the fence. This is a great inexpensive preventive security measure that cost less than a 50 cents per foot installed.

COMMERCIAL INDUSTRIAL GRADE CHAIN LINK FENCE has thicker and stronger post, rails, and fabric, often has three strands of barbed wire across the top and a tension wire strung along the bottom to keep the fence tight to the ground.

6 ft. tall commercial chain link fence
6 foot tall galvanized  chain link with tension wire along bottom
commercial sliding chain link gate
  • Commercial Heavy Duty Chain Link Fence products are also available in three colors of vinyl coated finish, brown, green, or black.
  • Huge gates can be made to accommodate large openings common at storage facilities and large equipment or truck depots.
  • Heavy gage chain link fence fabric and barbed wire guarantees security.
  • Barbed Wire and Tension wire increase the level of security for a modest investment.
6 ft. x 20 ft. wie cantelever sliding gate

Chain Link Fencing with slats can serve as a great privacy fence that will outlast a wood privacy fence by decades. This product comes with privacy slats woven right into the fence direct from the factory. Available in a variety of pleasant colors to blend into any background with various degrees of privacy obtained by creating a tight or a loose fit between the slats. Because of the huge expense of this product, it is usually reserved for commercial applications, but if you are thinking long term, this is also a great residential product because it will last forever.

privacy link logo

For more information about the Privacy Link products, click here to view a full color Digital Catalog

Chain link fence slat sample chart


Chain link fence slats are available in a wide range of colors and they make an attractive alternative to wood and vinyl privacy fencing.
This product is durable, attractive, private, and will give good value for the money in terms of initial installation cost, longevity, and maintenance when compared with any other type of privacy fence.
I have samples of Privacy Link fence with decorative slats I would be glad to show you if you are interested in this type of privacy chain link fencing product.

Be forewarned, this stuff is expensive.

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Great for security because people can not get a foot hold and climb over this fence.

commercial chain link fence with green privacy slats
Back yard with Budgetlink chain link fence
Privacy Link chain link fence
privacymaster white chain link fence and slats

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