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North Georgia Fence Company

Serving the North Georgia
community since 1971

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The North Georgia Fence Company has installed 100’s of the radio controlled underground invisible dog or cat fence systems. The pet owners love this fence because it is so cheap to install, it protects their pets from running off and getting into trouble, and it is invisible! Some folks even carry a portable underground invisible dog fence kit with them on vacation which can be quickly set up at any location to control the pet. Naturally for the vacation set up, they don’t bury the wire - they just run it on top of the ground and fasten it down with some landscape staples or any creative way necessary to create a containment area for the pet. The pet wears a collar fitted with a receiver that emits a small but substantial electric jolt to the dog or cat when the pet comes within a user determined distance from the buried wire. The buried wire only emits a “radio signal” that is tuned to the collar, there is no danger of getting shocked by the underground wire without having the battery powered shock collar attached.

Invisible Underground Dog Fence with perimeter flags installed

Temporary flags are laid out along the newly installed underground invisible dog fence to give the pet a visual clue as to where the wire is located. The collar emits a high pitched beep before it administers the shock / jolt, so a smart dog or cat never actually gets shocked again after the first time learning experience, the pet knows to stop when the collar beeps. It is amazing, usually the pet can be trained to understand and respect the flagged fence line within as little as 5 minutes. Once the animal learns the perimeter of the new fence, the flags can be removed and the fence becomes invisible.

If you have more than one dog or cat to contain, additional collars are available for around $80.00 a piece, and there is no limit as to how many will work with the underground fence system.

On average, a one acre yard can usually be fenced for under $1000.00, that price includes the radio control box, the underground wire, one collar, and the labor to install the system. The difficult part is running the wire underground, under driveways and sidewalks, but with the right equipment and knowhow - we can quickly have a completely invisible underground dog fence installed and operating to perfection.

The newer systems have lightening protection circuitry built into them, and when properly installed, the fence should never give you any trouble.  If someone does inadvertently cut the underground wire, it is easily detected and a simple splice will correct the problem.

I prefer the PetSafe / Innotek brand because it is available at the local “Big Box” builder supply store, so. . .  when you need replacement batteries for the collar, more collars for more pets, or any additional  supplies, they are easily located for purchase. I have installed many of these and they work fantastic.

This brand has a great lifetime warranty and if anything ever goes wrong with the control box, they will replace if for free for the life of the product. Awesome!

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The North Georgia Fence Company
Serving the North Georgia Community since 1971


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