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This page is dedicated to the woven wire  farm fencing that is used on both farm and at residential country homes.

On the farm, this type of fence often has a single strand of barbed wire along the top or a single electric fence wire at animal shoulder height to keep a horse or cow from scratching / rubbing, and knocking the fence down.

This style fence is very popular at country cabin getaway homes in the mountains for keeping the dog home and predators at bay while maintaining the country look and charm that you can't get with chain link fence. The beauty of this style fence is that it practically disappears from sight with the woods as a backdrop.


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We do a lot of 3 and 4 rail board and post fence (sometimes called horse fence / pasture fence, etc.) with some type of wire field fence attached to the back side.  Sometimes a  post and board fence will be used across the front of the property  for the look, and then when the fence gets out back or in the woods where it is not visible from the road, the wire field fence alone will be used to complete the enclosure. See photos of wooden board and post fence on the board and post fence page.

4 board rough sawn with black welded wire attached


4 ft. tall hog wire field fence with round wood corner post and metal T-post


The “ hog wire “ fence pictured here starts with 2 inch high by 6 inch wide spacing between the individual wires at the bottom, and the spacing gets larger the higher up you go until they measure approx. 6 in. X 6 in. at the top - great for large dogs, but for smaller dogs I would advise using woven horse wire or goat wire with smaller openings.

3 to 4 inch round pressure treated post set in concrete with strong wire diagonal bracing create the corner bracing between which the woven wire is tightly stretched and stapled. Metal T-post are then set at 10 foot intervals along the length of fence between the corner bracing to hold the fence upright. The combination of, the ease of installation of the T-post and the economical cost of farm wire field fence fabric and supplies makes this a very inexpensive fence for containing large acreage or residential mountain cabin lots.


RED BRAND “Hog Wire” wire field fence

Tubular mesh Gates available in galvanized ( pictured at right) or painted red, green, blue, and black  make the perfect gates to compliment  this type of fence. These gates can be purchased in 4, 6, 8, 12, and 16 foot widths and can be used in two's to make double drive gates of any combination.

Tubular mesh walk gate and hog wire fence

These pictures are good examples in which you can’t see the wire field fence with the woods and ground cover serving as a back drop that renders the wire fence invisible.

Typical round wood post corner bracing (right) with  “hog wire” field fence stretched tight and securely stapled.
The wire becomes almost transparent with the woods in the background

field fence corner bracing
4 ft tall hog wire field fence attached to large wood post
tube gate w mesh

Galvanized tubular “mesh” gate can be purchased with the wire mesh already welded onto the frame.

SHEEP AND GOAT wire fabric has a 4” x 4” opening consistent from top to bottom


This has become the most popular of the wire field fence products by far. This wire fence fabric has 4 inches between the wires both horizontally and vertically creating a 4 inch x 4 inch opening which is perfect for containing all but the smallest of dogs. There are some super miniature breeds which could get through a 4 inch square, but these little guys probably shouldn't be left outside in a fenced yard alone because of hawks and other predators, but if you do need a tighter weave for smaller animals, a 2 inch x 4 inch wire fence fabric is available, but it is considerably more expensive.

4x4 Red Brand goat wire on metal T-post
Red Brand goat wire fence with wood post
sheep or goat wire on all wood post 4x4 sheep or goat wire on metal T-post w/ wood corner bracing

Four examples of 4x4 Sheep and Goat fence above. Two examples of a fence made with all wood post and two examples of the same fence using wood corner bracing but using a less expensive metal T-post for the line post. Metal T-post are less expensive than wood post, they are easily driven into the ground without having to dig a hole, and they don't require any cement packed around them like a wood post to secure it in the earth - the metal T-post can save around $4.00 or more per post because of these added expenses in labor and materials. The only advantage to using wood post verses metal T-post is the visual perception of the fence. Some people do not like the look of metal T-post, others prefer the cost saving of the T-post. When the wood post are run through the woods, they do blend into the natural landscape because they tend to look like tree trunks instead of fence post. Judge for yourself using the pictures above.

4 foot tall Red Brand Sheep / Goat wire fence with an electric “hot wire” run along the top:

field fence with electric hot wire around top perimeter

Here is a 4 foot tall fence constructed from 4 inch round wood corner post secured in concrete with heavy duty diagonal wire bracing that keeps the corners standing upright as the wire fence fabric is tightly stretched from corner to corner. Once stretched and stapled at the corners, the fabric is then tied to metal T-post which have been driven into the ground at 10 foot intervals along the fence line. This fence also incorporates an inexpensive single strand of braided electric fence wire along the top around the entire perimeter of the fence which is attached to an electric fence generator putting out around 9600 volts, a good deterrent for any wildlife or livestock.

WOVEN HORSE WIRE also known as “NO CLIMB FENCE” because the spacing between the wires are too small for horses to insert a foot and begin to climb.

Super strong and tough for horses, great for smaller livestock, perfect for the smallest of pets - this wire fence fabric has the smallest spacing between horizontal and vertical wires of all the farm field fencing.

4' tall 2x4 woven horse wire on round wood post

This is a heavy duty fence fabric with 2 inch x 4 inch spacing between the wires, it is also the most expensive of the field fence products. Available in 4 ft., 5 ft., and 6 ft. heights


2x4 Woven “no climb” Horse Wire

woven wire stretched between wood corner bracing and tied to metal T-post along the perimeter
Wood corner w/ metal line post
horse wire hung on all wood round post
horse wire with wood corner brace and metal T-post

4 foot finished fence height pictured above.

5 foot tall Red Brand “woven horse wire” no climb field fence attached to all wood post

Mesh Tubular Gate with 5ft. Horse Wire
5 ft. Red Brand Horse Wire on all wood post

6 foot tall woven horse wire attached to 4 inch round wood post. This fence is incredibly strong and with the small 2 x 4 inch spacing between the wires, this fence will keep the smallest of dogs home.

6 ft tall woven horse wire fence with round wood post
6 ft. tall woven horse wire fence on all wood poston all wood post

This customer in the Coosawattee River Resort in Ellijay, GA wanted to create a deer free garden area, so he chose to use 6 ft. tall WOVEN HORSE WIRE  fastened to round wood post set in concrete. He called a few weeks later and said he was delighted with the fence, so I guess the deer are staying out!

All of the “woven wire” type of fencing, including hog wire, horse wire, goat and lamb wire, orchard wire, are exactly what the name implies; the horizontal and vertical wires are actually woven around each other to create a very strong fabric.

The “welded wire” type of fence (not shown) has the horizontal and vertical wire simply laying across each other with a weld at the junction holding them together. This weld is easily broken and the wire itself used in the production of welded wire fence fabric is of a thin gage that will be cut in half if hit by a power weed trimmer.

Woven wire cost approx. $50 per 100 linear feet more than welded wire, but if you have a situation where you will want to cut the grass along the fence line, you should consider the heavier more expensive woven wire fence products.

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