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This page contains every type of fence available so that you can quickly scroll down and across the full spectrum of options
There are also individual pages dedicated to each style of fence (available via the drop down menu above) that delve into more detail about that particular fence style.

4 foot galvanized chain link fence


This product in available in galvanized (pictured at the left) plus black, brown, and green. It comes in both inexpensive residential grade, and heavy duty commercial / industrial grade which has thicker pipes and stronger fabric. Purchased in heights from 4 to 12 feet tall, and with a little engineering a frame  can be created to make a fence as tall as required.

Many gate options are available such as single walk gates, double drive swing gates, cantilevered rolling gates, etc.

Tension wire can be run along the bottom to help keep the dogs in, and barb or razor wire along the top is a great security fence feature.

black, green, and brown vinyl coated chain link fence fabric

Electric Livestock and Deer Fence


commercial chain link fence with barb wire
3 rail board fence
3 board wood fence
5ft galvanized chain link fence


Often referred to as Horse Fence, this fence is very affordable and has that great country look. Sometimes used as a residential fence with some type of wire “field fence” attached to the back to keep the dog at home or the rabbits out of the garden. This style fence is also available in maintenance free Vinyl.

Wood gates can be made to match, or a tubular mesh gate (pictured below left) is a great option because it will never sag, twist, or warp, and will give a lifetime of trouble free service.

4 rail board fence
Chain Link Fence
4 rail horse fence
board fence with 2x4 black vinyl coated welded wire fence
4 rail custom gate with welded wire fence attached to back

WOOD PRIVACY FENCE: The extremely versatile “pressure treated pine” wood fence board is economical and attractive. Below are a few examples of how this fence board can be used to achieve totally different looks. It is also available in cedar wood, and a composite “non wood” rot resistant  maintenance free material which looks like wood (very expensive). Cedar wood cost approximately three times more than pressure treated pine wood for materials, but installation cost remain the same. Also available in Vinyl.

8 ft tall  above ground pool privacy fence
6 foot wood privacy fence wood privacy fence made with pressure treated dog ear style boards scolloped wood privacy fence 8 foot tall lattice top privicy fence
Exposed Gothic style post with a positive scollop top
3 hole 4 ft. tall cedar split rail fence

CEDAR SPLIT RAIL FENCE : available in 2 hole and 3 hole. This is a very affordable fence that really adds a lot to any setting. Just a small section used to accent the property boundary corners makes a great statement. Split rail fence is also available in pressure treated pine wood and PVC vinyl.

3' tall 2 rail cedar split fence at property boundry corner
2 hole cedar split rail fence
cedar split 3 rail fence
3 rail cedar split rail fence cedar split rail  5 foot wide gate 3 hole cedar split rail fence with galvanized 2x4 welded wire fence fabric attached 2 hole cedar split rail gate and fence
hog wire farm fence attached to round wood post and metal T-post @ 10 ft. intervals

FARM FENCE covers a lot of different fences. Hog Wire Fence pictured to the right is another great economical and effective fence. Great in the mountains cutting through the woods or around a pasture. Typically large round wood corner post and H-bracing to tightly stretch the wire fence between, with it supported by metal T-post every 10 ft. Looks great running  through the woods because it all but disappears with the woods as a backdrop.

Farm Fence H-brace
tubular mesh gate available in sizes 4 ft. to 16 ft.
Farm Fence Corner Post with diagonal barbless wire bracing
Hog Wire Farm Fence attached to 6 inch round post

Electric Fence Installation and Barb Wire Fence Installation are additional farm fencing services provided by North Georgia Fence Company.

Ornamental Aluminum Fence: Aluminum seems to be all the rage now with ornamental fencing because galvanized steel processing is so evil for the environment, a truly awful toxic process that is devastating to the earth. I mostly use aluminum fencing from “Jerith Ornamental Fences of Distinction”. They have the best warranty in the business, plus as a fence installer I appreciate the engineering that has gone into creating a fastening system that is sleek in design and eye appeal by eliminating the nuts, bolts, and brackets used to fasten all of the parts together. If you are interested in a Ornamental Aluminum Fence, follow this link to the Jerith Fence Co. web site and check out their many styles and unparalleled product warranty. There supplies are less expensive than some of the so called top dollar fence suppliers, but I find there quality is equal or superior to the more expensive manufacturers.

Jerith ornamental aluminum pool fence ornamental aluminum gate
metal pool fence
aluminum ornamental fence
Jerith aluminum ornamental pool fence ornamental aluminum drive gate
alumnium fence sometimes called iron fence ornamental aluminum fence
ornamental fence is available in powder coated galvanized steel
some people still refer to ornamental fencing as wrought iron fence
aluminum fence

PVC Vinyl Fence  This material with it’s UVB inhibitors to prevent yellowing and cracking will last forever. Impervious to weather and insects, the only downside is that it will turn green with mildew if installed in a shady humid environment, but this can be easily removed with a pressure washer to restore it to a like new condition.  This product is not inexpensive and comes in every fence style imaginable. Vinyl Fencing is a great long term investment in the beauty of your property because it will last forever.

pvc vinyl privacy fence picket top PVC fence
lattice top PVC fence
concave PVC picket fence
flat top PVC picket fence
split rail PVC fence
post and rail PVC Horse fence
6 ft tall PVC privacy fence white
6 ft tall brown PVC privacy fence
6 ft PVC brown privacy fence with diagonal lattice top
stepped picket top PVC fence
lattice top privacy pvc fence capecod style pvc fence
scolloped pvc picket fenct
2 rail PVC fence crossbuck PVC fence

 When installing a wood fence, usually the gates are manufactured on site and follow the same design as the fence. Sometimes special gates are needed to fit a specific portal, and that is when the master carpenter side of me comes into play. If a gate isn't well constructed and thereafter properly maintained, it will have a short life span due to the forces of  wind, rain, and sun. If properly constructed, a well built gate will operate easily and last the life of the fence.

custom redwood wood gate
split rail fence gate shadowbox style wood privacy fence and gate custom wood gate
split rail double gate custom curve top wood gate reinforced wood privacy gate. The metal tube gates are fastened to the wood gate to prevent saging

For additional information on Gates and Automatic Gate Openers visit North Georgia Gate Company

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