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Through trail and error The North Georgia Fence Company has found the BFT gate opener to be a highly dependable gate operator manufactured with top quality materials that will give a lifetime of trouble free operation. Competitive in price and superior in quality to other gate openers available for the security conscious home or business owner. For more product and warranty details visit

For all of your gate automation projects, call The North Georgia Fence Company for product sales, service, and installation.

Sam McCombs 706-299-1047 or email

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When to go Solar: if electricity is available, a 120 volt gate opener is the best option. When no electrical power is available, a solar powered gate opener is a great alternative, but they do cost around $600 more than a non-solar unit. The additional cost is justifiable up to a certain point, a new electric service can be run to the gate for around $3 to $4 a linear foot, so if you have a power source within 150 feet of the gate opener installation site, it may be more cost effective to run power from the house to the gate verses going solar.

Many options are available to add to a gate opener:

  • Battery Backup Units are available for 120 volt a.c. operators to keep the system up and running during a power outage.
  • Additional remote control transmitters
  • Wireless Coded Keypads
  • Exit Probe (automatically opens the gate from the inside when a vehicle passes over the sensor)
  • Telephone Entry Systems
  • Emergency Vehicle opening systems
  • See below for more details:

A typical 120 volt dual gate opener with a wireless keypad and free exit probe installed on and existing gate with an existing power supply is  around $2500.00
For an idea as to the cost of gates, see our gate page!

rolling code remote keyfob

Two or four channel 12V rolling code remote control. One button controls the gate and the other buttons can be programed to open garage doors, etc.

2/ two button remote controls are included with each gate opener installation.

$20 each for extras.

T-BOX this is an inexpensive wireless coded keypad that is easily installed at the gate to allow access with a 4 digit code

Digital keypad with 10 channels and 100 combinations. Backlit



Telephone Entry Systems start at around $700 for the equipment then installation cost must be added to that figure to come up with the final cost which is determined by how far away the gate is from the home telephone wiring and available electrical power supply.

With this type of answering device, a button is pushed to call the home phone which allows the homeowner to talk to the person at the gate and grant them access by pressing a button on the home phone.

Access is also allowed by entering a code on the keypad, you decide who gets the code.

These systems have many great features like vacation lock down mode, party mode, do not disturb mode, adjustable ring tone for gate, etc.

Systems with cameras are available to give you a visual of who is at the gate, some even record the picture to memory.

$1000.00 and up installed


BFT Cell Box
Simple one push button allows for gate entry command through cellular calling device using SIM card
 Rings up to three numbers in sequence, if the  calls does not go through it is forwarded to two other numbers in chosen sequence
 Preset number recognition for up to 100 users, these users can call the box with a cell phone and open the gate
 Saves time and money on installation by  eliminating the running of phone wire to gate entry and cost of wire and conduit
 Allows home owner to talk with gate and allow access to the property from any location in the world
 Clear quality voice interaction for home owner and visitor
 Stainless steel enclosure with rust resistant design

$600 + pedestal and installation

exit probe


EXIT PROBE: Opens the gate automatically when approached from the inside by a vehicle. No need to manually activate the gate, just drive over the sensor and it opens automatically. Excellent for guest, delivery trucks, and anytime any vehicle needs to exit the property. This device sets about 50 feet away from the gate next to or under the driveway, so after you drive over it, the gate will open automatically



The Siren Operated Sensor
SOS is used to open Residential,  Commercial, Airport, Government and Military Gates during an emergency.  The reliability of the SOS Emergency Access System has made it mandatory in many communities throughout the country. SOS is the most cost  effective way for emergency responders to access your homes and  buisnesses without stopping or leaving their vehicle to enter a code or  use a key. SOS is compatible with all gate operators. Because SOS  specializes in sound sensors, triggers can be customized to respond to  individual frequencies.

Every Emergencey Vehicle already has the key: a Siren.

Once SOS is installed on your gate, your concerns about Emergency  Vehicles gaining access to your property will vanish. This system saves  vital seconds in all emergencies with sirens triggering gate operators.  Emergency Responders get your gates open without accessing codes, keys,  radio frequencies, or causing costly damage by ramming your gate.

$425 plus installation

battery backup unit


24 Volt D.C. battery backup system for PHOBOS BT, PHOBOS BT L, IGEA BT.

Provides auxiliary backup power in the event of an electrical power outage. Can be added to any BFT gate opener system



This is the solar powered solution if electricity is unavailable. These are high quality dependable systems that only need 6 hours of direct sun daily to keep them fully operational.

  • COMPATIBILITY: ECOSOL can be used with most BFT 24V DC low voltage operators
  • INDEPENDENT OPERATION: up to 3 weeks without sunshine (domestic use). Possibility to increase  capacity by adding batteries and increase charging capability by adding  solar panels
  • VERSATILITY: photovoltaic cell panel with brackets to fix to the wall or post
  • WARRANTY: 30 months.

a solar system cost about $600 more than a hard wired 120 volt house current system


farm gate with remote control opener

If you have a gate to automate, give me a call - I have the tools and expertise that will get your system up and running.

North Georgia Fence Company - - 706-299-1047 - Sam McCombs

Custom gates made with a pair of tubular steel swing gates hung from 6 inch round wood post with the rough sawn horizontal fence boards fastened to them keeps the gate from sagging and twisting which will result from constant exposure to wind, rain, and sun. A BFT brand Ecosol Solar Powered Dual Automatic Gate Opener was added for the convenience of remote operation to prevent having to get out of the vehicle and manually operate the gate.

solar powered automatic gate opener
custom gates with remote opener

A Solar Powered Automatic Driveway Gate Opener is the most cost effective solution when no electricity is within 100 feet of the gate. Running an electric supply underground for a long distance will quickly add up to more money than what a solar powered unit cost compared to a 120 volt  A.C. direct hard wired system.

Biscayne drive gate and BFT dual opener kit

This 16 foot wide double powder coated steel drive gate, posts, and hinges installed with the Phobos BFT dual gate kit with the optional wireless keypad and free exit probe cost around $4850.00monument-gate-fence (gates, opener, and installation).

The monument which frames the entry way was built after the gate was installed and includes features such as a drop box for large package drop off, a mail box built into the stonework, and a pair of decorative street  lamps atop each column.

The masonry work and materials to build this monument added another $10,000.00 + to the cost of this fence project in Roswell, GA.

This customer found a great deal on a foreclosure of a beautiful piece of property right in the heart of Roswell and did a total makeover of the house and yard, then secured the property and created a great place for his kids and pets to play with the use of extensive fencing, cross fences, and gates.


Here is an inexpensive powder coated steel ornamental entry gate setup at the bottom of the property several hundred feet from available electricity making it suitable for a solar powered opener.

The expense of running electric power to the gate was far more expensive than going solar.

The gate, opener with wireless keypad and exit probe, installed, cost around $4000.00


for more information on residential gates, visit North Georgia Gate Company at

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