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4 ft. dog ear style shadow box pressure treated fence
positive scolloped privacy fence
6 ft. tall privacy with exposed 4x4 post and a continious 2x4 top cap
half moon rising with exposed gothic post wood privacy fence
4 ft. shadow box privacy fence


The standard 6 foot tall pressure treated pine “dog ear” style fence board is a very economical solution to many different fence designs. This 1x6 fence board is exceptional versatile in its use for fence building. All of the examples of wood privacy fencing on this page are made using the 1x6 P.T. pine fence board.
This fence can be stained any color or sealed with a waterproofing agent to extend the life by two or three times, extending its life expectancy as much as 15 years or beyond with routine maintenance.
The most basic 6 foot tall dog ear fence, with 4x4 post set in concrete @ 8 ft. intervals with three horizontal 2x4 rails to which the 1x6 fence boards are fastened too, can be installed for $14.00 per linear foot plus another $45 for each walk gate to cover hinge and latch hardware cost. This cost is based on a fence that is at least 200 linear feet or more in total length.
This fence board is also available in cedar wood for about two to three times the cost, depending upon the current price for cedar. The 4x4 and 2x4 elements are also available in cedar. I have torn down old cedar fences that were in disrepair that were 20 and 25 years old. Cedar has a natural inhibitor against sun, wind, and rain decay.

6 ft. tall pressure treated dog ear style wood privacy fence
8 ft. lattice top wood privicy fence
8 ft. tall dog ear style wood privacy fence around an above ground pool
Industrial application of a 6 ft. tall wood privacy fence

VINYL PRIVACY FENCING is a great option to use because of the durability and longevity of the product, this stuff will last forever and will never need any maintenance. Available in white, brown, smooth and wood grain finishes, and in an incredible array of different styles. It is much more expensive than its wood counterpart, but when you consider that it will literally last forever, then it quickly becomes apparent what a great investment it truly is. Check out the PVC Vinyl Fencing page for more details.

PVC vinyl basket weave privacy fencing
PVC vinyl privacy fence with lattice top PVC vinyl privacy fence with picket top detail

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