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Split Rail


Beautiful long lasting Canadian red cedar split rail fence available in both two and three rail configurations.

Some homeowners use this fence to set the tone for their country home, and many add a wire field fence to the back side to contain their pets and keep out predators.

Look at the pictures below and I am sure you will agree that this makes a lovely and functional fence.

Rustic Cedar Split Rail Fence

Farm and Ranch Wire Fence

Ornamental Aluminum Wrought Iron Style Fence

Electric Livestock and Deer Fence


3 hole Cedar Split Rail Fence
authenic old log cabin with 2 hole cedar split rail fence
3 rail with black vinyl coated welded wire 2 hole cedar split rail fence
split rail along a country drive
gate with black welded wire
4 ft. tall 3 hole Cedar Split Rail Fence

Split Rail Fence is available in Cedar (pictured), and pressure treated pine wood (has a green tint and will not last as long as cedar).

This fence is economical because the rails span 10 feet between post and if the ground conditions are right, this fence is quick to install.

The cedar wood will turn silvery gray over time and blend into the background, or if you like, it can be treated with a water sealant and it will retain the red cedar look for many years.

With a wire field fence fabric attached to the back side, it makes an excellent fence to keep the dog at home and still retain the country rural look and feel.

Gates to match can be custom made on the job in single or double swing gate configurations, or these fences mix nicely with ornamental gates and simple tubular steel gates.

old gate incorporated into 2 rail fence
post and rail fence with hog wire attached
jobsite built split rail gate

A three hole Canadian Cedar Split Rail fence and gate with 4 ft. tall Hog Wire field fence attached to the inside to keep the dog home. Usually wire fence with a smaller opening is used for pet control, but with 4’ x 6’ openings along the bottom progressively getting larger to 6’ x 6’ openings at the top, this fence is very strong (used by farmers to corral hogs and cattle) and will keep both small and large dogs contained.

cedar split rail fence with hog wire and tubular gate
3 hole split rail fence with hog wire attached


5 ft. walk gate in a 2 hole split rail fence with welded wire attached
Tubular mesh 12 ft. drive gate
4 ft. walk gate in a 2 hole cedar split rail fence with galvanized welded wire attached on the inside
cedar 3 hole split rail fence dual drive gate
Cedar Split Rail Fence with galvanized 2x4 welded wire attached to the inside
4 ft. walk gate in a 3 hole split rail fence

3 hole cedar split rail with 4x4 goat wire attached (below).


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